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About Us

Welcome to SnazzySnaps. 

We are a relatively new husband and wife business whose first introduction to this field was through family in the USA who were already retailing what apparently is a recognised product over there.

Having had a business previously for 30+ years, it became fairly obvious that the internet was starting to take more of our business, and the industry, away from the high street. As the lease was due for renewal, we decided to call it a day and worked on the principle of "If you can't beat them, join them! As we are in our Autumn years, we embarked on a search for something to take us up to full retirement (a few years yet I may add) to keep us off the streets, and here we are today.

As far as the products are concerned, we were so excited by the whole concept of being able to completely reinvent the appearance of the jewellery pieces over and over again, that we just wanted to be a part of this whole new concept. As a time served engineer, I was amazed how such an established, simple mechanism had been used in such an ingenious way and still can't understand why it hadn't been done years ago, it's fabulous.

In addition, new snaps are being launched almost monthly, and these can be found in the "New additions" pages on our site as the new designs arrive.

We also have a mobile stall and do home party evenings and visit country fairs / gift shows, etc. albeit mainly in the north of England.

We do aim in the near future to post blogs as to when and where we will be appearing so customers can come and see a much larger choice of Snaps. 

You can contact us on  should you require further information.

Our aim is to continually improve our products and the site and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit our store, we hope you like what you see.